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Music lover, reader, tea drinker, film watcher, web dabbler. IndieWeb novice. Glasgow, Scotland.
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We’ve lost a lot of music greats recently. Add personal loss to this and it has been a right old crappy year.


UFO were one of the first bands I ever saw live. Loved all of their shows at the Glasgow Apollo and Pete Way was one of my first rock heroes. RIP.


Hard to believe Back In Black was released forty years ago today. It hasn’t really dated at all. 🎶


I passed a bus on the way home today. It was full of people staring out the windows with face masks on and it felt really eery. Like being in a 70s sci-fi/horror film.


Sad day. Cardiacs and Tim Smith made the world a better place if you were open to the music. The songs will continue to do that for me. RIP Tim Smith


I got rid of a bunch of old albums recently and I’m feeling a bit guilty. It’s like throwing away a bit of my history.


An advantage of playing records and CDs is that there are no assholes recording, profiling, or pushing your tastes into algorithms.


Reading this makes me regret not taking better care of my thirty years worth of stubs. It would have made a nice documentation project.


The last scene in the Warcraft film was full of implications of the better stories to come. It’s a pity this one didn’t do better.


I'm going through a concert drought. Need some shows to go to.

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