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I’m getting micropub errors while using OwnYourSwarm again. No checkins are coming through. Things have been running really smoothly up to now. I’ve been thinking about dumping Foursquare anyway so now might be the right time to go native.


I got rid of a bunch of old albums recently and I’m feeling a bit guilty. It’s like throwing away a bit of my history.


An advantage of playing records and CDs is that there are no assholes recording, profiling, or pushing your tastes into algorithms.


Reading this makes me regret not taking better care of my thirty years worth of stubs. It would have made a nice documentation project.


The last scene in the Warcraft film was full of implications of the better stories to come. It’s a pity this one didn’t do better.


I'm going through a concert drought. Need some shows to go to.


“Carter, tears of terror mingling with make-up and the rain, squeezed the accordion. There was the long-drawn-out chord that by law must precede all folk music to give bystanders time to get away.”

Sad to think there'll be no more of this from Terry Pratchett.


I tried Red Dead Redemption Online and decided I'm too old and not bloodthirsty enough to get very far in the game. At the same time I may have picked up a tip or two for future survival in Wild West UK.


I've got a ticket to see Nick Lowe in June. The last and only other time I saw him was supporting Elvis Costello on an acoustic tour a lot of years ago.


This is a quick test note from the Monocle websub reader interface. It was just as easy to set up on Known as it was on Wordpress.

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