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The previous post is an old checkin. It's testing a method for posting Untappd checkins via RSS and a microsub reader. It seems to do the job. I just need to drink more beer.


This is a quick test note from the Monocle websub reader interface. It was just as easy to set up on Known as it was on Wordpress.


It has been made clear that I’ve been pronouncing Ultima Thule wrong for a very long time.


Watched Flash Gordon again. More camp than Butlins and Brian Blessed is a hoot. Some of the last great Queen music too.


I've been recording birdsong on my phone with an app called AudioShare but I'm thinking a dedicated microphone would be better too. I'm looking at one called iRig Mic Field that has a lightning connector but it's not exactly cheap. I might just give it a go.


Does Omnibear work with Known? Lets find out.


There appears to be a few problems with this server and Known. I might have to move the site elsewhere despite paying for the multi-site hosting here.


Test post with Quill.

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