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Sad day. Cardiacs and Tim Smith made the world a better place if you were open to the music. The songs will continue to do that for me. RIP Tim Smith


@mattstevensloop I miss the days when you didn’t have day to day updates about new albums/tours/what bands had for breakfast. It was always a nice surprise to read about your favourite band's new stuff in the music papers.


@mattstevensloop Dodgy analysis there. I’m not sure he gets the point of “punk” either.


I got rid of a bunch of old albums recently and I’m feeling a bit guilty. It’s like throwing away a bit of my history.


If the Eat/Drink posts all have the same category and you don't mind using a Wordpress plugin then Ultimate Category Excluder will do this very well. I use it to keep certain types off the front page and out of RSS feeds.


@mattstevensloop I hated everything except heavy metal when I was a teenager but I grew out of that.


I was a bit over confident in trying to offer advice. I did manage to install 'composer' on my server but it won't update dependencies because a PHP extension is disabled for security reasons. It went from being an easy upgrade method to something much more complex for a dabbler like me.

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