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@Lindow_grog Is Dancing On Ice not good enough for you? They look like an Eastern European Bonzos.


I've got a ticket to see Nick Lowe in June. The last and only other time I saw him was supporting Elvis Costello on an acoustic tour a lot of years ago.


I'm considering a complete migration to Known myself. It seems to make the social interaction part of Indieweb much easier and enjoyable. This is the part that was still missing from the Wordpress site I'd put together (my fault) but it's just so much more friction-free with Known. I'll keep both sites going probably.


This is a quick test note from the Monocle websub reader interface. It was just as easy to set up on Known as it was on Wordpress.


@JohnRiggsj I just have a download version. Amazon messed up the price when it came out and I bought the whole lot for the generous sum of Β£7.49.


That made me laugh but where do you even start to count the number of ways it's wrong?


Sampling these beers.Β 


@Misterquartet Off to a slow start again?


It has been made clear that I’ve been pronouncing Ultima Thule wrong for a very long time.

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