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@mattstevensloop I think because they know the "winning" is temporary and it's the last ferocious gasp of a dying animal. They are on the wrong side of history.


@JohnRiggsj Liege & Lief always wins the “which album has the best opening track?” discussion for me.


Hard to believe Back In Black was released forty years ago today. It hasn’t really dated at all. 🎶


I passed a bus on the way home today. It was full of people staring out the windows with face masks on and it felt really eery. Like being in a 70s sci-fi/horror film.


Sad day. Cardiacs and Tim Smith made the world a better place if you were open to the music. The songs will continue to do that for me. RIP Tim Smith


@mattstevensloop I miss the days when you didn’t have day to day updates about new albums/tours/what bands had for breakfast. It was always a nice surprise to read about your favourite band's new stuff in the music papers.


@mattstevensloop Dodgy analysis there. I’m not sure he gets the point of “punk” either.


I got rid of a bunch of old albums recently and I’m feeling a bit guilty. It’s like throwing away a bit of my history.

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