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I’m getting micropub errors while using OwnYourSwarm again. No checkins are coming through. Things have been running really smoothly up to now. I’ve been thinking about dumping Foursquare anyway so now might be the right time to go native.


I got rid of a bunch of old albums recently and I’m feeling a bit guilty. It’s like throwing away a bit of my history.


If the Eat/Drink posts all have the same category and you don't mind using a Wordpress plugin then Ultimate Category Excluder will do this very well. I use it to keep certain types off the front page and out of RSS feeds.


@mattstevensloop I hated everything except heavy metal when I was a teenager but I grew out of that.


I was a bit over confident in trying to offer advice. I did manage to install 'composer' on my server but it won't update dependencies because a PHP extension is disabled for security reasons. It went from being an easy upgrade method to something much more complex for a dabbler like me.


An advantage of playing records and CDs is that there are no assholes recording, profiling, or pushing your tastes into algorithms.


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